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The Next Organization is an internationally operating management consulting firm with a result driven approach. We are passionate about optimizing organizations’ business performance through innovation and in a sustainable manner. We strive towards new and practical ways to reach organizational goals, by inspiring with innovation and collaborating with fun.
It is our passion to bring commercial performance to the next level. Our mission is to drive results for our clients, and that is what we stand for.

Are you up for the next challenge?
Would you like to challenge your skills and potential in a variety of areas? Then, you might be our next colleague! We are looking for employees who:

  • Are passionate about bringing organizations to the next level, and who want to help leading (international) organizations with their challenges and enhance their commercial performance.
  • Have a strong innovative attitude, think outside the box and use these ideas to inspire others
  • Are independent and have an entrepreneurial mindset. Moreover, we look for people who are able to work in teams, are perceptive, have attention for details, analytical capabilities, helicopter view, and are willing to help others.

Education / background: we look for talented people from a wide variety of fields and professions with an academic degree or relevant working experience (e.g. management, marketing, economics, sales, applied technology solutions, and business/market intelligence).

Working at The Next Organization means joining a young and enthusiastic team that will inspire you to improve business results.

The job
The work consists of advising our clients to solve their most important challenges and implementing the right solutions to create profitable growth. Adopting a customer perspective, we help our clients to define and realize their (growth) strategy, develop new business concepts, improve (commercial) performance and strengthen management. We do it from design to realization (e.g. organizational structure, processes, and IT).

What TNXTO has to offer
We offer an environment where you can develop yourself professional and personally. You get to work with a team of experts on projects with high impact for top companies in different industries, both in the Netherlands and abroad. TNXTO is a flat organization and allows you to be independent and take responsibility and action. Your reward depends on your own performance and that of the team.

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Wij helpen met het realiseren van winstgevende groei

The Next Organization is een resultaat gedreven (internationaal opererend) organisatieadviesbureau, gespecialiseerd in het verbeteren van de commerciële performance van organisaties.

Waarom kiezen voor The Next Organization

Marketing vakgebied, snel willen groeien, op board-level adviseren, strategie

Bedrijfscultuur The Next Organization

Breed Gespecialiseerd
Dynamisch Stabiel
Eigen kamer Kantoortuin
Extern gericht Interne focus
Formele cultuur Informele cultuur
Formele dresscode Casual
Grote organisatie Kleine organisatie
Mobiele werkplek Vaste werkplek
Nationaal Internationaal
Overwerken Reguliere werktijden
Platte organisatie Hiërarchisch
Teamverband Individueel werken
Traditioneel Jong bedrijf
Up or out systeem Diverse loopbanen
Vast salaris Prestatiegebonden
Veel begeleiding Zelfstandig
Veeleisend "Normale" werkdruk

Feiten en cijfers

Aantal medewerkers
In Nederland 20 (100% hoger opgeleid)
Aantal aangenomen kandidaten per jaar
WO kandidaten 2

Hoofdkantoren en vestigingsplaatsen

Hoofdkantoren Nederland
Hoofdkantoren NL Gooise Meren
Vestigingen in Nederland
Gooise Meren
Startdisciplines van The Next Organization
Consultancy en beleid, Marketing

Branches van The Next Organization

  • Organisatieadviesbureaus
  • Strategisch adviesbureaus
Startsalaris The Next Organization
Geen informatie

Sollicitantenprofiel The Next Organization

Gezochte competenties

Zeer belangrijk:
  • Sensitiviteit
  • Samenwerken
  • Presentatie
  • Initiatiefrijk
  • Goede mondelinge communicatieve vaardigheden
  • Zeer ambitieus
  • Ondernemersschap
  • Buitenlandervaring
  • Bestuurlijke ervaring opgedaan tijdens studie


Verstaan / lezen Spreken / schrijven

Stagemogelijkheden The Next Organization

  • Stage in Nederland.
  • Afstudeerstage in Nederland.
  • Projecten/werkopdrachten in Nederland.