Sven made his mark as a finance trainee

Sven made his mark as a finance trainee

Flexibility rules

After only two years at Boskalis, Sven van Son (24) has already gained experience of Subsea Services, Heavy Marine Transport and Subsea Cables & Seabed Intervention projects. Currently working with the Senior Project Controller for a seabed intervention project in Taiwan, Sven will soon return for two weeks training. “I expect to be back in Seabed Intervention in Taiwan after the training,” says Sven. “But you never know, at Boskalis!”

Free to move
A born traveller, Sven graduated with a BSc in International Finance Management, furthering his studies through an internship in London, an exchange in Finland, and on-the-ground research in Kenya for his thesis. “I always wanted to work for an international company,” he says. “When I heard about the financial traineeships being offered at Boskalis, I immediately applied.” Sven began as Project Controller at head office in Papendrecht, travelling occasionally to Dubai. “When Covid hit, I switched to Heavy Marine Transport, and afterwards Subsea Cables.” Keen to travel and learn new things, when the opportunity then arose to go to Taiwan, Sven jumped at the chance.

Getting to know people
One thing Sven has noticed at Boskalis is that a lot more happens when you take the initiative yourself. “I was given quite a lot of responsibility, quite fast,” he comments. As Project Controller, he needed to have the relevant budget information for the vessels, equipment and people being used. “To get the right numbers, I had to find the right people to tell me what they were doing and what was needed – what vessels, for how long; what equipment, in what quantities; what kind of people – everything,” says Sven. “Finding the right time to talk to people and what works best for them is important. Then they’re ready and willing to explain everything you need to know.”

Exciting opportunities
The traineeship is hugely helpful in kick-starting your career, according to Sven. “Getting different experiences for short periods in different parts of the organization means really being thrown in at the deep end,” he says. “But it’s very exciting. You meet new people, learn a lot, work with different teams. Being given responsibility early on is challenging, but it helps you become more capable of making the right choices for the future.”