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Working at Akzo Nobel - Rahul Nair

Working at Akzo Nobel - Rahul Nair

I was born in Kerala, in the southern part of India and grew up near Mumbai in India. After coming to the Netherlands for doing the masters, this beautiful tulip country didn’t let me go back and I made it my home in the last three years. I started working with AkzoNobel as an intern from September 2018 and I felt home since day one. Working with a Dutch conglomerate and the Dutch way of living also made me a bit health conscious and made me run two half-marathons in the last one year. Apart from running, I also enjoy reading books. Off late, I have been quite fascinated with astrophysics and the pandemic helped me get into more depth about some of the mind-blowing theories that humankind has ever discovered.

As a CSP planner, every day comes with new challenges and thereby, opportunities. I start of by having the daily catchups with other CSP colleagues followed by a daily fixed meeting with production planning colleagues from one of our sites. Rest of the day is usually busy with arranging the essential materials for production and prioritizing, based on the changes in supply chain demand. Apart from this, working closely with the supplier is part and parcel of the CSP. We have adhoc calls and structured weekly meetings with the key stakeholders from supplier. As a cherry on top, we fine tune our planning process with sourcing colleagues to provide a stable supply of materials for production.

The most enjoying part about working at AkzoNobel is the healthy competition, still with a lot of ground for mutual cooperation. The multi-cultural and young environment always keeps me cheerful and motivates me to give my 100%.

As a CSP planner, the most challenging part is to work simultaneously with different sites, which are quite different culturally as well. Interacting with our local colleagues from Sweden is quite different from our colleagues at Spain. However, with CSP, we managed to develop a close relationship with our supplier and manage the frequent changes in demand with less disruption to production to satisfy the needs of all our production sites across Europe. This also gave us a peep into the working of Sourcing and procurement colleagues.

My future goal is to contribute to the growth of AkzoNobel and grow personally as well as professionally with it.