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Working at Akzo Nobel - Sophie

Working at Akzo Nobel - Sophie

Hello! My name is Sophie, I’m 27 years old and come from Germany. I studied International Busi-ness Administration and Management in Bamberg, Germany, and followed a double degree diplo-ma with a Business School in Montpellier, France, during my master’s degree. In 2019, I came to the Netherlands for my internship at AkzoNobel, during which I supported the production planner of our production site in Barcelona. After that I had the great opportunity to stay in the AMP team and in September 2019, I took over the production planning of two units in our production site Monta-taire, France.

With the outbreak of Covid 19, a day as a production planner was suddenly never the same as the previous one. However, there are still some recurring tasks. These include for example: creating and releasing production orders based on demand and capacity, preparing standard reports and capacity analyses, regular meetings with the production site as well as following up on material availability and requests from our demand teams. Next to that I get to work on process improve-ments within our team as well as at the production site.

The pandemic was the most challenging time for me as a production planner. Not only did we sud-denly have to work from home, but we also saw a lot of shifts in demand, causing shortages of ma-terials and instability of the planning. This required quick reactions and out of the box thinking to still be able to serve our customers. That we managed to keep up the team spirit and do our best to deliver up to our promises was very rewarding for me.

What I enjoy most about AkzoNobel and specifically about our team is the diverse and international environment. My colleagues come from around the world and together we learn from and support each other. Additionally, AkzoNobel offers great opportunities to grow personally and professional-ly, for example by following CI trainings or the APICS training or simply by giving each planner a lot of autonomy and responsibility from day 1, while still showing support and appreciation for your work.
Mentioning that, after around 1,5 years as a production planner, I followed a cross-training to be-come the material planner for Montataire, where I faced a never seen surge of material shortages for which we needed to find a way to manage it as a team and which required close collaboration and follow up with our suppliers.

Since end of 2021, I am the Supply Planning Manager for DACH, France and the Nordics, and to-gether with my team we ensure the supply of our paint coming from our sites in Belgium, France, and Sweden. In my new role, my experience as both a production and material planner has helped me to understand our end-to-end supply chain as well as our internal processes. For my future career, I hope to develop and grow further as a leader within AkzoNobel as well as to support the Grow and Deliver strategy of AkzoNobel.