SABIC offers internships to students at intermediate (Dutch MBO), Bachelor, and Master level. Internships focus primarily on:

  • chemistry (chemical technology is equivalent to process technology. We also hire chemists)
  • process technology
  • mechanical engineering
  • business administration

We pursue a selective internship policy, which requires you to have:

  • an education in line with our business
  • personal skills that match our company
  • enthusiasm and an active interest in SABIC

Our Manufacturing and Research & Development departments have provided guidance to interns for many years. Interns in these fields are very welcome in SABIC—before and after graduation. We offer internships in other departments, such as Human Resources, Communications, Finance & Information, and Marketing & Sales.

During your internship, we take a close interest in how you tackle your assignment and your overall performance. Prove yourself to be one of the people who can, and you could secure a permanent job with us.

An overview of the current internship vacancies @ Sabic:

  • Internship Global Polypropylene Technology – research in catalyst synthesis and polymerization Sittard-Geleen
  • Internship, Revise maintenance policy for pressure relief valves Sittard-Geleen
  • Internship: Market Development Technical Support - Caps & Closure Segment team Sittard-Geleen
  • Internship: Security internship Sittard-Geleen
  • Internship: Statistical feedstock analysis and automated reporting Sittard-Geleen
  • Safety Data Science Internship Sittard-Geleen

Please note that SABIC will arrange temporary accommodation for you if the distance between your home address and the SABIC location is more than 70 kilometers!

Check all extra information about the Internship Vacancies on our site!