At Shell, we work at the forefront of the energy industry, taking on the challenges of building a better energy future. Join the pioneering Shell Graduate Programme and become part of this meaningful progress as you develop into a fully-fledged Shell professional.

Right from the start you’ll embark on a comprehensive Onboarding Programme that systematically exposes you to all areas of the organisation. You'll be given stimulating, hands-on roles and get the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our company values.

As you develop your knowledge with structured learning, and broaden your experience on groundbreaking projects, you will be supported by an excellent mentorship programme. Constructive check-ins throughout the Shell Graduate Programme will ensure you won't be overwhelmed by the workload.

Whether you join the Technical, Commercial or Corporate Function area of the Shell Graduate Programme, you will receive unparalleled formal training that will propel your career straight after exiting the programme. We’ve designed the programme to give remarkable candidates like you the outstanding experience and training you’ll need to become a future leader of our business.

You’ll be able to make a real impact while on Shell’s Graduate Programme through a series of assignments that will positively challenge you.


Ontdek als starter vanaf de universiteit of met maximaal 3 jaar werkervaring hoe een baan in het Shell Graduate Programma een impuls aan je carriere kan geven. Start je sollicitatie hier op Qompas!