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Traineeship Scheme
The JRC offers a stimulating, multicultural and multi-disciplinary research environment for trainees. Traineeship scheme is governed by rules. There are two types of traineeship:

  1. training related to the preparation of a thesis for a university degree;
  2. training after university education (or its equivalent) within 5 years after the last university degree.

The duration may not be for less than 3 months. The maximum duration is 5 months.

Opportunities for trainees (ESRA)

Who can participate
Trainees are selected from nationals of the Member States of the European Union (EU), from candidate countries benefiting from a pre-accession strategy and from other countries contributing financially to the Framework Programme. A limited number of other nationals may also be accepted. A derogation based on nationality from the Director-General is required for every non-EU national.

General eligibility criteria are provided in Article 2 of the rules.

How to apply
The JRC publishes each traineeship profile on the JRC's online web application system (ESRA). The profile typically includes:

  • a description of the research work to be followed
  • the type of traineeship preferred (type I and/or type II)
  • any special expertise or qualifications needed for the traineeship
  • any training that will be provided (for example, in the use of a specific instrument or a specific software package)
  • a deadline for replying to the call

Applications are made through the ESRA website.

Trainees can benefit from a monthly basic allowance. Those whose place of recruitment is less than 50km from the JRC site will receive half of the basic allowance. The monthly basic allowance is equivalent to 25% of the basic remuneration for an official at grade AD5/1 (Commission decision C/2007/1221) adjusted by the correction coefficient applicable to the JRC site where the traineeship takes place.

Language requirements
There are specific language requirements to participate in the scheme (see article 2.3 of the rules).


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