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Chemistry that matters

SABIC is a highly successful, rapidly expanding global manufacturer of chemicals, fertilizers, metals and plastics. We supply these materials to other companies, who use them to make products the wor (...)

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Startfuncties, vacatures en voorbeeldstartfuncties

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Open Graduate Application Doorlopend
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Internships @ SABIC Doorlopend
19x SABIC Internship Program in Chemistry, Supply Chain, Customer Support & Research Solliciteren t/m 4-2-2018, nog 13 dagen om te solliciteren

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Recruiter Boudewijn de Heer - Manager Recruiting & Staffing Europe
Boudewijn de Heer - Manager Recruiting & Staffing Europe
Recruiter Ingrid Schellens - Corporate Recruiter
Ingrid Schellens - Corporate Recruiter

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Sabic's Simona Talks Chemistry
Michel van Acht - Renewabel Material for the ICEhouse in Davos
Talking Chemistry Trailer


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DynamischBedrijfscultuurgegevens Chemistry that mattersStabiel
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OverwerkenBedrijfscultuurgegevens Chemistry that mattersReguliere werktijden
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Vast salarisBedrijfscultuurgegevens Chemistry that mattersPrestatiegebonden
Veel begeleidingBedrijfscultuurgegevens Chemistry that mattersZelfstandig
VeeleisendBedrijfscultuurgegevens Chemistry that matters"Normale" werkdruk

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Sabic's Company Values are:

  • INSPIRE Our winning attitude and passionate approach are a part of all that we do. Empowered by training and leadership skills, we work together to create an action-oriented environment that develops solutions and results for our customers.
  • CREATE Our curiosity is never satisfied and we are always challenging conventional thinking. Through long-term alliances with our customers, we seek new ways to uncover opportunities in both product and process to find the next innovative solution.
  • ENGAGE We respect and value differences in our people and their business approaches, fostering a great working environment. Our unfailing commitment to the communities in which we operate helps us remain a positive influence throughout the company and the world.
  • DELIVER We lead by developing extraordinary breakthroughs for our customers. Our unwavering focus on flawless execution drives our joint success and ensures world-class environmental responsibility, health, and safety.

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Feiten en cijfers

Aantal medewerkers

In Nederland: 3300, waarvan hoger opgeleid: 60%

Internationaal: 40000

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Financial performance
• Net profits in 2011 touched SR 29.24 billion (US$ 7.80 billion).
• Total assets stood at SR 332.78 billion (US$ 88.74 billion) at the end of 2011.
• SABIC’s overall production has increased from 35 million metric tons in 2001 to 69 million metric tons in 2011.

For more information on SABIC’s performance in 2011 please download our annual report from the Publications page of the website

SABIC operates in more than 40 countries across the world and has 60 world-class manufacturing and compounding plants in locations across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Its headquarters are in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Technology and Innovation
• SABIC has Technology and Innovation centers in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and India.
• Our Global Application Technology organization develops more than 150 new products every year.
• Backed by more than 8,000 global patents.

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Aantal kandidaten aangenomen per jaar

Totaal: 130
waarvan WO kandidaten: -
waarvan HBO kandidaten: -

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