Join this online ‘mini-training’ and get practical tips on how to easily install daily habits that will make you feel good.

What to expect ?
We all know so much! You prob­a­bly know many ha­bits that ‘would be good for you’ to get go­ing. Es­pe­cial­ly now in the­se ti­mes of Coro­na. Yet, the gap be­tween our knowl­edge and our dai­ly prac­ti­ces can be a hard one to clo­se. How­ev­er, we can all im­pro­ve! With the right goals, mind­set and prac­ti­cal tips you too can im­pro­ve your good ha­bits!

Arlette van Lint
Hi! My name is Ar­let­te and one of the most va­lu­a­ble things in life for me is to help pe­o­p­le to get the best out of them­sel­ves with fun and ap­pre­ci­a­ti­on. For al­most three ye­ars now I work as a trai­neer and re­crui­ter at OR­MIT. This af­ter ha­ving fi­nis­hed my OR­MIT trai­nees­hip in­clu­ding a lot of trai­nings and coa­ching. I’m fond of per­so­nal de­vel­op­ment and can’t wait to meet you at this we­bi­nar!

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