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Working at Akzo Nobel - Jay

Working at Akzo Nobel - Jay

My name is Jay. I was born and raised in a small town in China, which is in Chinese terms, pretty close to Shanghai, even though it’s around 200 kilometers away. I was also living in Shanghai for four years to finish my bachelor study. After that, I came to the Netherlands in 2016 to complete my master’s degree in supply chain management at Maastricht University. Over the past three years I was working in two different industries as supply chain planner. From last October, I started a new chapter at AkzoNobel as a PFR planner. More specifically, as a third-party manufacturing planner for UK DCs.

My daily life is mainly working with our third-party suppliers trying to foresee and prevent supply risks for finished goods and secure the product supply to our DCs and then to our customers in UK accordingly. For example, we have to cooperate with and support our suppliers in terms of their capacity, their raw material supply and their priority for all purchase orders etc. The most unique thing about my function is that we are playing the role as supplier as well for some of our suppliers because we as AkzoNobel have to supply base paint ingredients to our suppliers in order to enable them to produce the finished goods for us. Last but not least, not one day is the same for me, I have lots of freedom to explore and improve wherever I think it’s necessary for all my tasks. This really keeps me motivated and excited to embrace my everyday in AkzoNobel.

Honestly, there are many reasons why I really like working for AkzoNobel. First and foremost is the team, we are very diverse and international. Everyone is very supportive and willing to share their knowledge with each other. The second thing is that AkzoNobel does provide the opportunity and resource to help us sharpen the skills that we want to. For instance, I wanted to learn something about project management. Later there was a discussion in my team to help me understand and practice the project.

The most challenging part as a PFR planner or third-party manufacturing planner is to support our suppliers tackling their capacity shortage and raw material availability in order to make sure that the supply can keep up with the increasing demand. Since the pandemic started, the demand has changed dramatically. We have to work with suppliers very closely to see how their capacity and their base paint ingredient availability can be maximized in order to allow our suppliers to deliver what is agreed.

My current objective is to dive more into my current tasks as well as discover and improve the way of working wherever needed. In the future I am hoping to receive more new challenges to grow within AkzoNobel.