The ECB Graduate Programme (GP) is aimed at highly talented recent graduates with a postgraduate degree, preferably a PhD, in one of a broad range of disciplines and a a keen interest in central banking.The two-year programme gives participants a unique development opportunity and valuable on-the-job experience, as well as an insight into the ECB’s tasks and working methods from the perspectives of different functional areas. The participants also gain an overview of the policy-making processes of the ECB.

Participants are given two challenging one-year assignments each to be carried out in a different division of the ECB, allocated on the basis of their field of expertise and in line with the organisational needs of the Bank. They will contribute fully to the work of the divisions to which they are appointed. During the second year of the programme, they are also expected to write a project paper which will form the basis of their appraisal. GP participants benefit from a number of in-house as well as external training opportunities, such as area-specific technical training, writing skills, IT, personal and interpersonal skills, task and information-oriented skills and languages.

Participants in the programme are assigned a mentor (an experienced staff member) who will provide them with support, advice and guidance.

The successful completion of the programme by each participant will be assessed by a GP Committee.

The Graduate Programme is one way of starting a career at the ECB. However, we do not automatically offer contracts to successful participants at the end of the programme. Graduates who wish to start a career at the ECB have the possibility to apply for available vacancies advertised both internally and externally.

To get all the information and help from please apply via Qompas and connect with and find the current job openings at the ECB.