Rabo Global Traineeship. One year that revolves around you.

Rabobank has launched an ambitious new programme for graduates: Rabo Global Traineeship. One year that revolves around you.

During this year, you and Rabobank will explore where you and your talents are the best fit and discover where your head and heart lie. You will get to know the entire Rabobank organisation, giving you and us the chance to find out where your talents are best utilised and where you can make the greatest impact for our clients, each other and the world around us.

After completing Rabo Global Traineeship, you become a banker and a world of opportunities will be open to you that are in line with your wishes and Rabobank’s ambitions. You will be able to take challenging next steps across the width and breadth of the bank that correspond with your development. A few examples of these opportunities include: working as an analyst on complex corporate finance deals, as a project manager on IT projects and performing the role of relationship manager or risk analyst.

You can’t wait to jumpstart your career, but the question at this point is where’s the best place for you. And very important, you have ideas about how to enable Rabobank to fulfil its mission to play a committed role in society and to help solve the global food issue.

Your development.
The Rabo Global Traineeship is about your development. In a customized programme every trainee follows its own journey with three different projects in the Netherlands and abroad, trainings, personal development and guidance from four different tutors.

Application process
The next Rabo Global Traineeship will begin on March 1st, 2017.
The deadline for this programme is set on January 12, 2017.

For more information and applying go to this special page!